Great group buy goin on over at ezsounds. Current price for Amplitube 2/Xgear/Jimi Hendrix edition/ plus other extras is 179$. 2 weeks to go in this buy and there are already 140 signed up. Great deal. STompIO giveaway, and AMplitube metal also in the works if the #'s get high enough.

AmpliTube 2
+ AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix
+ AmpliTube X-GEAR
+ Ampeg SVX UNO
+ Sonic Reality's "X-Gear™ Classic Rock"
+ Sonic Reality's "AmpliGrooves™ Vol. 1"
+ 1 of the R.A.W. packs (loop collection) of one's free choice
+ there's gonna be more extras as the numbers go further up, maybe the next extra will be announced when reaching 100 (it's almost there)



Hope its ok that I post this here. THought some of you might be interested. These plugs really sold me on Amp Modelling.
Price is now 179$! THis buy closes on march 9th.

225 sales currently, and they are having a draw for a free StompIO if we hit 300 sales. 8)