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So how far after you started playing did you get the guitar you actually wanted and liked? The one that felt just right for you and you planned on playing for a long time ahead?
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Two years after i started playing i sold my RGT42 and RG321 and bought a JS1000. I have had it for 2 years now.
My first electric. Still have it, and play it more than my new electric.
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Got it yesterday, I traveled a lot looking for it.
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Let's see, I started in January, I got a Stratocaster in April-ish, so about 4 months.
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in two days a MIM strat. moving up from a squier.
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Last thursday i bought an ESP LTD MH400NT Smoke black maple top.

This is my 8th guitar, and is the first guitar i have paid over 300 for, im in love with it. My RG was pretty good too, i just bought that last year and still have to play a show on it to know how i really feel.

But both pretty good guitars.
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Just Rebuilt it, i bought 2 pans ( les paul knock-offs from the 70's) at a garage sale for $40, and managed to piece one out of them. It sounds kinda like Vader rolling a natural 20 to kick Luke in the face.
After about a year, I spend a lot of time trying to decide whether to get a Telecaster or not. When I had the money, I realized I hated Fender and got me my Jackson DK-2. I'm quite happy.
4-5 years after I started playing. First I had some cheap tiny **** guitar (I was 7 when I got it, and started taking lessons), than I got a Seagull S6+ Spruce Dreadnaught.

A few couple of years after that I got my Bc Rich Beast bodyart
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My first good guitar was a Squier Strat that my dad gave me when I was 11...mind you, this was a Squier Strat that was made in the 80's, so the quality of it was way higher than the Squiers's too bad I didn't hold onto that one.
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I got I got a Jackson RR1 in mid October. I was playing on an Epiphone Special II with a missing High E up until then.
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two years of playing i had an Olympia acoustic. about two hundred dollars. not a bad acoustic, still use it to this day. after that i got my ibanez RG120. i loved that thing but about two years later i got my Fender strat and so i sold my RG. i love my strat to this day. but i still go and visit my RG every now and then. my friend owns it now
Buying my first good guitar today actually. If my acoustic doesnt count, it's quite good. I can play anything on it, metal, blues yuo name it.
my first guitar XD

even tho it only came from a starter kit it sounds really nice
only just started looking into a new one tho. want to get a more pro guitar. and having 2 for gigs is much better then 1
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I started on a Yamaha RBX270, two years later I got my current Ibanez BTB405QM. In between I bought a Hohner P60 fretless bass, a Yamaha Pacifica112, and an Epiphone SG400.

Oh, and some castanets and a bongo.

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my first guitar was an 80s Epiphone Strat copy, it's a pretty high quality guitar, I still use it sometimes, but not very often because it doesn't have humbuckers. I was smart enough to buy a used intermediate model instead of a new beginner model or a kit.
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February 9th 2006, Jim Deacon Stratocaster, it's freakin' awesome

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My first guitar was a classical acoustic. It is ok, and was a good first instrument. My current guitar that I really like is a Cort Performer Series, which I got after I played for about a year. I like my Cort guitar and have no intention of replacing it with something better.

It is approximately 20yrs old, and looks like it has had an owner before me that wasn't very nice to it (its got a few scratches, but only noticeably when looked at closely). I am unsure what the body, and fret board are made of. The neck is painted/coated like the rest of the guitar. The single coil pickups say "select designed by EMG" on them. The guitar does have a whammy bar, although I haven't put it on because it makes it difficult to tune.
My first good guitar is a Fender MIM strat hss, about 7-8 months after i started learning

Even though it's not that good, I don't think I'll sell it. Almost traded it off a couple of times. for american strats, mind you. But i always backed out in the end. I regret those decisions but I think i still will never part with my first.
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all my guitars have been good guitars. i don't see why everyone assumes that because you're just starting out you should have worse kit, which you'll not want later, and have to build up to something better. i did my research beforehand on my leccys, and my mum being a musician, she wouldn't let me settle for something crap anyway

my very first guitar was her classical acoustic anyway.
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I got my PRS SE Custom after about 3 years of playing. It's my baby...

Also recently bought a used Maverick X-1. Does jazz and cleans surprisingly well.
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Ive had a few cheap copies, got my Gibson Les Paul a couple of years ago.

Had an old Yamaha SG200 for a long time thats very sexual indeed
Hmm... I've been playing for quite a few years and always have been playing cheap guitars but two months ago I got my first pro built guitar from a luthier.

It's a BD model guitar from JC Harper luthier.

EDIT: I still want a Carvin bolt so yea, I'm going to get one.

the day i went to buy it, i lost my job. so i didnt get it. about 2 months later, i got it from my parents for my birthday. oh yes.

£80, blueridge les paul. im guessing about 8 years old, plays like a dream. bargian. check it out on my profile.
i had some stupid guitar from sears called a burswood or something, it got the job done and all but eh, i started christmas of '05 and then got my new guitar being a kickass viper 400 w/ an Iommi signature in the bridge already (It was on sale from 800 to 400 BOOYEAH) september 6th of '06
for my birthday haha and now mayber for graduation i might be getting another but i'm not sure yet, if so i'm thinking either another ESP ltd. 400 or a dean ML
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I didn't.
Although my current (first one) guitar will sound much better after I get some new pickups.
A year after I started playing, I saved up my money and bought a Gibson SG Special. And turned my squire into a lamp.
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