im considering buying an epi les paul standard thats a factory second and im just wondering if it being a factory second would affect the quality/performance of the guitar.
Ive been looking into the same thing and done a lot of research..and as far as i know its exactly the same except for cosmetic imperfections..scratches on the pickguard and things like that. they go throuh inspections and all that so im pretty sure there'd be nothin to worry about. Guitar center is having that green tag deal in march and they sent me a 10% off coupon so ill probably be paying a little bit more or the same for a brand new one. look into that as well. bottom line: i wouldnt be put off by the factory second label..worth a couple scratches for the price.
It will not affect the sound of the guitar.
2nd guitars are usually a steal providing they have been refurbished by a luthier.