yeha this post is from SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA...we need a lead vocalist, rythm guitar, distortion/effects guitar...experience in areas would be a major plus as always. age range would be preferreble from 14-19 so it is pretty open we feel so if u have any questions just post a reply and i will get back to you...male or female its all good
you'll have trouble getting a singer on here... lol but theres plenty of guitarists
well circumstances have brought around new things. and now we are in need of a drummer and a rythem guitarist tht is all thank you all who posted or will post here you comments are greatly appreciated.
im a decent rhythm guitarist if your still interested. been tryin to get in a band for so long. ive been playing for 6 years. im 16.
btw i live about 20 miles from sufu. PM me if you still need a guitarist