After nine months of playing guitar, I'm still having trouble playing standing up. I've heard that half of your practice time should be done standing up but I can't stand up for more than 5-10 minutes without my shoulder throbbing and hurting like crazy.

I got the strap with my Ibanez starter kit that was $400 so I'm guessing it isn't too good but I still think it's more than just a bad strap. My guitar is roughly 5 Kilos (8.5 or 9 pounds for all of you Americans) but I know that its not that I can't support it's weight because I know I can.

Any suggestions on why it's causing me so much trouble?
maybe the way you're holding it? how low/high do you have the guitar?
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before u start playing do some exercises for ur shoulders streching stuff that will help alot:P
also try to put ur one foot higher than the other
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i pretty much saw your problem when i saw "I got the strap with my Ibanez starter kit".
its probably cheap. spend some money on a nice leather strap, its softer, some have cushioning, and they're wide. a wide strap distributes weight. that should help.
After nine months your still learning the basics man... It's probably the tension of your body, you don't feel comfortable, you stretch your muscles (not only fingers!) and you try doing things you're still not familiar with. That's ok dude, don't push yourself too hard, if it "hurts" chillout, sit down and practice the way you feel good. Trying to play in a stand-up position just to look cool won't lead you to any good results. After you start to feel comfortable with what you're playing you'll be able to play even with your "feet in the air and head on the ground" Trust me. Now focus on the technic man!
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look all i wanted was for someone to give me advice on what to do not to slag me off ok

Want advice? Suck yourself off.
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^ that's the strap I want. I haven't tried it, but I have used other planet wave straps and they're very comfy.

Otherwise, make sure you stand up straight. My 7string is about 17 pounds, so don't be complain. :p

yeah thats the weight distribution thing i was talking about. i think that strap would be extremely comofortable.
yeah trust me its definitely the strap. spend some money on something nice and you won't regret it. and by the way, get something decent in size cuz wide ones are more comfortable.
I disagree with it being the strap. I've been using cheap straps for years. It has more to with a beginning guitarist getting used to a different position.

Just play standing as much you can and rest. Don't hurt yourself or anything. Learn to relax a little bit more as you get comfortable standing.
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maybe u should get your shoulder checked out, cuz i have a wierd burning sensation in my back when i stand for too long and its not because of the strap

it could be a shoulder problem....or something
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Make sure you always stay relaxed. I dont think you said which shoulder it is, that would help diagnose a problem alot.
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just relax when you play...dont tense up.

it could be the weight of the guitar, but i doubt it.

also a wider strap as someone said above with be of good use to you.

thats pretty much all you can do
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just do it a lot and you will get stronger and used to the feeling. I use a strap made out of rope so it used to hurt but after a while it goes away.

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Have you checked the action on your bass? if it's high or the neck isn't straight because the truss rod isn't properly adjusted, it will be much harder to play. All the other advice is good, but don't forget the instrument has lots of adjusters for a reason. Straight neck, lowered action, good strap adjusted for a good height. It all adds up. You might want to get some local professional help making sure that your not doing something that works against you.