Does any one else here buy cheap guitars? I do ...

I was just wondering.
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I've always wanted to get a really cheap guitar and destroy it though, just too see what the fuss is about.
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i never really saw the point...

the way i see it, everyone wants the best guitars out there. PRS, Gibson, Fender, whatever floats your boat. but when you are saving for one of those, and you buy a cheapo rip off guitar, then not only do you not have what you really want, but you have less money with which to get what you really want.
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ive been tempted to, just top spray paint it, take out a pick up, you know justexperiment. ive got my eye on a encore starter guitar and amp for £30. y/n?
I bought a no namer strat copy off ebay for $100.
Lasted 2 n a bit years, carked it about 2 weeks ago
Sounded alright actually..

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My guitar cost $100 USD. Don't know how much guitars cost in America but over hear where I live its a bargain.
It's a fairly good guitar too, but the brand is unknown. But yeahh I don't believe in selling guitars, so my next guitar is probably going to cost.
I think with guitars you get what you pay for.
I'd never consider buying anything below £400
as I wouldn't use it
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if the guitar happends to be inexpensive i nkow where to buy one, but cheap as in crappy, i don'y look for places that sell those kind of guitars
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If i had some spare cash i might to experiment/mod with guitars. ive always been interested in stuff like that
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