Anyone ever play this guitar? I want a Gibson SG, but I don't have the bank to spend $ 1100 on a guitar. The E-400 is about $ 300 bucks or so, is it close enough to the sound to keep my conscience clean?

I started playing full time about a year and a half ago on an Epiphone SG, and I like it, I also understand my SG is a beginner axe with a 10 W practice amp- I'm not in a band or anything, playing AC/DC is just recreation for me. I put some Ernie Ball strings on it which make a big difference in the clarity of the sound, and I would probably do the same on the E-400.

So, anyone out there who has played both, are they close enough that I won't feel like I'm missing out??

it might be a small step up. from your g310 (im assuming?) its a great guitar though. try it out for yourself. obviously a gibson would sound marginally better, but they feel just about the same. epiphone just has some inconsistent quality control, so you need to try before you buy.
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The G-400 isn't a big step up, but if you try it out and get a good one you can change out the pickups and it will probably sound pretty close to the Gibson if you have a good amp.


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The g400 is made of better wood than the g310. If you can afford to buy new pickups (80-100EU for each one in case you buy Duncans or Dimarzios), you get an amazing guitar. I would definitely advise you to buy the g400, though the stock pickups are REALLY bad.
Thanks all for the GREAT responses, the one I am looking at has Alinco-V pickups in it- What I am reading here is that it seems those are awful? Epiphone sells one called the Tommy Iommi model with his pickups in it- would that be a better choice?
My first electric was a G400, and it was an alright guitar.

I'd definitely suggest taking a look at this Hagstrom F-200.

A far superior guitar .
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i have one in a metallic gold finish.
it's good enough, but nothing too special really.


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get the special faded gibson sg its only 500 dude
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