Clad In Shadows


errr ATM only one mp3 is up... cause like... I have no equipment... and I havent recorded much in my acoustic... cause like...

yeah but anyway that piece is centered on uh... Melodic Death Metal, along with random other crap

Mostly the styles I've churned out so far are uh... Black Metal, Death Metal, various acoustic.. things... classical influence in the melodies here and there... occasionally a latin-esque rhythm/melody... but uh yeah sorry for the poor variety at the moment

but nonetheless check it out

[Edit] I decided to change my *band* name to... -read the Title :P-
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I'd love to crit this man, but MP3s etc. are banned where I am... sorry! I'll give it a listen when I get home, which should be Easter weekend or so.
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different styles but yes, I like the song name and the concepts, although I mostly get bored by them :P

Really? thats wierd in flames cover so much ground, but if your more into a ceremonial oath sound then i guess i can see why but its still Jesper and Anders mainly. Besides their older stuff is more death melodic anyway as apposed to now but i like all their albums so eh :P.
hehe Lunar Strain didnt do much for me, though I really liked Clad In Shadows and Behind Space and TJR was Enjoyable as was Whoracle but after that I dont really like them that much... my style of playing is very varied I say... from this typical modern melodic to some other styles with more varied harmonic intervals, tunings, techniques and what not, I just have my "Generic" ish recording up xDDD lol, check it out, you might like it