i am very frustrated right now.
i was going to changing my strings when i get to the final one to take off (the low E) and the peg wont pry out. no big deal. just get up inside the guitar and push it out from there. now im stringing my guitar. get to the last strin and i cant push the peg in all the way. When i start to tighten the string its all good until it get to about Eb and then the peg pops out. Now I'm forced to play all drop D or open G but I would like to know how to get that peg down.
do i:
need a new peg?
need to take it to the shop?
need a new acoustic?

what can be done? thanks
Quote by sestemofatowel
you should take it to a shop, the more you **** with it, the more likely youll **** it up worse

Yeah, it reminds me of the guy who had a stripped truss rod, tried to use it anyway with no ideea how to use a truss rod, turned it, heard a cracking sound and couldn't turn it anymore and then decided he should get help.

The lesson is, always visit a shop, even if it's just for advice. But if you've got the cash, get a pro to do it for you, it'll usually be a cleaner job.
haha man don't take it to a shop. this is no big deal at all.

most likely you're looking at one of two problems:

1. the ball end of your string is snagged on the end of the bridge pin and isn't actually flush with the bridge plate inside your guitar.

2. the thickness of the string is either larger or basically exactly the same as the width of the slot in the bridge pin.

either way, it's no big deal to fix. first you want to loosen the string up a bunch. loosen it up to where you can completely take out the bridge pin. take out the bridge pin. then make a small bend in the very end of the ball end of the string. like so:

this well help the end of the string be pushed aside by the bridge pin instead of hanging on the end of the bridge pin. you see the ball end of the string is not supposed to be on the tip of the bridge pin inside the guitar. the string should actually not be putting hardly any pressure on the bridge pin at all. you can even string up an acoustic guitar without using the bridge pins if you are careful. the ball end of the string should be pushed up against the underside of the guitar like this:

now put the ball end of the string back through the hole in the bridge and insert the bridge pin. then tune up like usual. if this doesn't fix the problem, you're last step is really easy.

lay the guitar across your lap, strings up. tune the guitar up to pitch with your left hand while holding down or pushing down the bridge pin with your right hand. this will either pull the ball end of the string up against the bridge plate inside the guitar or it will squeeze the double-wrapped end portion of the string into the slot on your bridge pin or both... depending on which problem you are encountering.

and thanks to frets.com for the pictures which can be found on their stringing tutorial here: