The keyboardist from Pyramaze, Jonah, is doing a solo project. It's an album of keyboard instrumentals. This is by far the most amazing and relaxing music I have ever heard.


He has four tracks up on his myspace. You can pre-order the album. There are directions on the mypace page.

I just thought this music should be shared with everyone on here. I think everyone on here can enjoy this. It doesn't really fit into any style or genre so it's universally awesome.
That's some seriously good stuff. And the fact one of the songs is called Bear Mountain makes it all the more awesome.

Thanks for the link!
Wow, I was coincidently browsing some landscape pictures and I suddenly got goosebumps all over me lasting for about a minute..

I likey, gonna buy...
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pretty sweet, any place i could download his stuff?
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I like it, and I've been meaning to get into Pyramaze more aswell.

There's more keyboardists releasing solo albums lately, so that type of music must be getting popular.
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