I bought a used digitech whammy 4 off ebay,
got a good deal on it, the guy said it worked fine, he has good ratings, sells tons of pedals etc.....

the pedal was packed nice but the power adapter was not, the prongs were bent out of the box, i took some pliers and straightened them out, but when I plugged it in it did not work

I jumped on the net, did some research and it looks like people are having all sorts of problems with them crapping out (the power supply) it uses AC so normal supplies won't work, and it is also a power hog, it needs 1300mA so normal AC adapter won't work

does anyone know of any other power supply brands or anything else I could use with this pedal?

I plan on taking it to a local guitar shop and plugging it in, so at least I will know if they guy sent me a bad pedal or if the adapter got messed up in the mail
how many volts is it?
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yeah the charger is a pain. i haven't had any issues with it crapping out but i would like to use my boss power chain from my tuner to power it but the whammy can't use the input. what a pain.
I've got an adapter that you can change the voltage levels, input types and polarity on. They're a little pricey, and mine seems to be cheaply made, but it works. Look into that!
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I've got that pedal, and I thought I was unlucky, but it seems not. I bought it from a European store and it came with the wrong sort of plug for British sockets, so I had to buy an adapter. It wobbles a bit, but when it's plugged in and held steady it works fine.

Take it to the guitar store like you said, I'm guessing you'll probably have to replace it with the Digitech one. They probably made it that way so you exclusively had to use their adapter with the pedal.
im not sure if the power supply exclusively for the whammy. i had band practice last night and it can supply power to a keyboard (was a yamaha, not sure of specifics). it seemed to work good enough
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cool thanks for the help all,
I took it to the guitar store it worked great, so I'll just order the power supply online
not only is it AC but it needs quite a bit of power (1300 mA) most ac pedals supply around 200 mA

in all the reviews i've read for it everyone says it is really reliable, however all the reviews for the adapter on musicians friend say it works like half the time

also yes it is a specific adapter for the whammy
I've seen a couple of non stock digitech supplies, mine is one by Harman Pro Group.
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i have a question, what if i use a power supply with 9v and 2100 mA? or what if i use 800 mA? will one of the two work, will i fry it ?

im a bit lost :S