for quite a long time now i have been reading up on writing dark music, but I still cant write music with the desired "feel" that I want. I am wanting to write music that would be considered similar to a song like planet caravan, (very dark and eerie but with a psychedelic jazz feel also) so if anyone can help me out at all with any tips, reccomendations on methods to use, chords, scales please please do so i would really appreciate any help at all on the matter
Reverb would be my main suggestion. Although I prefer the Pantera version of the Black Sabbath track, songs like that are helped by a bit of a mystique around them and a chunk of reverb always helps.
Chords, minor would be the logical suggestion, but relatively slow riffs will help.
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ye I have been playing around with reverb and other things, the chorus setting on my amp also gives me a pretty much identical sound to the pantera version, but to be honest I dont like the pantera version. the "sound" isn't so much the problem, im mainly after scales, theory and exotic chords, obviously standard minor chords can only do so much, their "minor" which is needed but there not realy eerie or strange sounding.

but thnx alot neway