ok so my guitar has been having some issues with buzzing that i cant quite understand

my g string buzzes when i dont fret it
my adgb strings buzz at the 5th fret
my E and e strings are fine all around

ive played with the truss rod and the height of the bridge and no difference
i think the 6th fret is a but high maybee but im not sure
anybody have similar situation?

it just pisses me off when im playing a clean part and all of a sudden PINGZZGZGZGZGZGZ
its so annoying
played with the truss rod? you made sure your intonation is set right? maybe try a lighter guage string.
Hmm.... Actually I cant get any idea of what happening just by reading your post. There are many possibilities. and what kind of buzz are you having? How long have you been using that guitar and since when that problem occur?

it may be due to:
- back bowing neck.
- poor making frets
- low action.
- old string.
- resonance to some loosen screw or joint. worst case scenario, crack or something.
- spring resonance.
hmm the strings arent that old and theyre dr so im not sure you can go much higher
they are 9-42
i cant see any bow in the neck
i heard that if you capo a fret up on the fretboard you can tell if the neck is bowed and i saw no sign of bowing when i tried it

oh well its not worth it to me to take it to some douche and have him tell me that its going to cost me 50 dollars to put a 20 cent part on my guitar
i have had this problem before and i adjusted things and it made it better but it just keeps happening again