Hey guys. I've had this problem twice now. I was down tuning from Drop D to C yesterday and my high E broke. The strings were like 2 weeks old too. It broke right by the tuning peg. This is the second time it has happend. BTW The guitar in question is a 3 month old Schecter Hellraiser. What do you guys think? Could i get a little drill bit and smooth it out?
Is your Hellraiser a FR or fixed-bridge?

This is going to sound kind of noobish, but make sure that if it's a FR that you completely unlocked your nut first. Make sure your retainer bar is raised as well.

If it's fixed, or if your nut's unlocked, then yeah, go around the tuning peg and make sure there aren't any rough spots. Go over any burrs with some sandpaper. On a fixed guitar, make sure the filing for the high E is wide enough that it isn't having a hard time moving around.
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Sorry, It's the fixed bridge. I don't see any burrs, that's the problem. When you say filiing, do you mean the notch in the nut? Because i didn't think of that. Maybe ill rub some pencil lead on it.
Yeah, I meant the notch. Make sure the string isn't catching on it when you're tuning. The pencil lead should help a bit.
Ibanez RGA121 | ESP LTD H-1000
Axe-FX Standard
Ah, in that case, it's most likely the nut. File the notch a little deeper/wider and see if it helps.
Ibanez RGA121 | ESP LTD H-1000
Axe-FX Standard
Will do, thanks. It's never made any creeking noises or anything but ill file it down a little more.
If you continue having this problem, I'd recommend taking it to a guitar shop. They should have some files that are designed to get rid of blemishes in the metal that might not be easily visible. I used to break my G string right at the bridge on my strat every week or two. I took it by my local guitar store, they did a couple of quick passes with a file, and I haven't had problems in the 7 years since. A lot of times there can be a spur in the metal that you can't see, but will eat through your strings.
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