I have been playing electric guitar for 2 years now. I think about buying an acoustic guitar.

So, for those of you who play acoustic guitar, do you know if it changes something to alternate from a "X" scale length guitar to an "y" scale length? Would this affect my agility on the electric guitar?

And also, which strings gauge and type do you personnally suggest and why?

Thanks a lot!
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i think it will increase your agility on your electric actually. the strings on acoustic guitars are much thicer and farther from the fretboard typically. it'll be good for you to play acoustic as well.

and for string recommendations... check out the sticky thread at the top of the forum. i personally recommend d'addario EXPs. as for gauge, i wouldn't go lower than 12s (lights).
honestly i think acoustic is harder to play then electric.idk might just be me
hmm ive been playing guitar for roughly the same time(slightly less than 2 years) well im also considering buying an acoustic guitar, theyve never really appealed to me before but lately ive just really wanted one and i dig that acoustic sound.

well ive no idea about the string gauges n stuff but

i thought the ibanez ones were really nice
Acoustic takes more endurance and strength to play. So... if you switch to electric after getting some experience on an acoustic, you'll find playing electric to be a lot easier. As long as you keep practicing both, they'll do good for both your acoustic and electric playing. Electric guitar makes you agile with your fingers. Acoustic gives you strength.

As for adjusting to different scale lengths... don't worry about it. The finger strength that you gain from acoustic will make electric really easy.