Hey everyone,

I am Chris, an assistant editor at the magazine Premier Guitar , and I was hoping I could find some guitar players who own and use a "travel" guitar for an upcoming article. If you're willing to help us out, just answer these few simple questions and we'd really appreciate it!!

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Do you own a traveler guitar? What was the impetus to buy? Which model(s) do you own? Has it been a reasonable/usable replacement for your normal guitars when you’re on the road?

Do you have to adapt your playing style on these guitars?

What’s the best part about your guitar? The worst?

Thanks again everyone!
I am the owner of a 1/2 size Corbin Guitar.
I kinda bought it on a whim because I was on a trip with my family and felt like some music. It was proably the worst decision I a have ever made in purchasing a musical instrument. It won't stay in tune very well. and the sound truly isn't worth much at all. Best things about it though are that you can bend notes a crazy amount and that its small so it can be taken with you. Playing style really doesn't change a whole lot. It can be easier to play runs since frets are closer together, however chord play can be a challenge with all of the frets so close together. Fingers can get a bit jumbled you know?

Now I have played on the Taylor Travel as well as the backpacking guitar. They both sound much better, although the backpacker is kinda hard to sit and play as it is an odd shape.

Also have played the little electric travel guitars. The higher end models are just find but on the lower end stuff you get pretty tinny sound. Wouldn't really recomend the lower price ones unless it was absolutly all you could afford and you were going to be gone for a really long time.

Hope this helps yah out. Good luck with the artical. Travel Guitars have there own little niche and if you can find one that sounds good, they are quite usefull things to have around.