my comps been acting up. i tried to post this earlier, but it kept failing.

well folks, i got my incometax check in today and decided to go to nashville to see if i could get that yamaha. i get there and walk into the bass room. IT WASNT THERE!!! i was devistated but not disheartened. i walked around looking at 6 string basses. modulus (3 grand plus), the other yamaha, a grand. Ocean, out of my price range too. i just happend to look at what they had displayed in the middle of the room. and before i say it. i must apologize to the users of this product. i've given the company alot of s**t because of all the screwed up insturments i've gotten, but this one made me change my tune. what they had in the middle of the room was an Ibanez SR 506. brand new. i played it and was wowed. wowed enough that my old schecter is now gone and this one remains. i love it. the neck is as comfortable as the yamaha was. the bartolini pickups are smokin' hot. i can barely turn up my GK. and i like the 3 different EQ knobs it comes with. all in all. im satisfied. and again, sorry ibanez users. the SR series rocks
Oh yes

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about as good as i can do now on a pic. i'll get some here when i go and buy another camera
Congrats and that is one very, very nice bass. I've played that in the shop and its dreamy.
As a rabid fan of Ibanez, I accept your apology, good sir.

Yeah actually, in all my many travels, I've found that Ibanez and Yamaha basses aren't too terribly different. I... always lean toward the Ibanez between the two in the same price range, but similar, yes.

Nice finish choice, by the by. Hope that beaut works out great for you!
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...Coincidence? I think not.
I have a friend/ex-girlfriend who plays the SR506 and it is a LOVELY bass. The Ibanez neck profile that I usually dislike is actually really beneficial when it gets to the six string fretboard and the electronics are great.

And of course it looks and feels great to touch and play. The finish is just like resting your arm on silk. I'm not a six string player, nor do I want to be, but if I were, the 506 would be on my list of axes to consider.
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