Hi, can anybody help me to chose a new valve amp? I've got an American Stratocaster and an Epiphone Les Paul, and I like distorted sounds with balls, like john frusciante's etc, but first of all I'd like to have warm cleans that can be usable at high volumes, if they're a little bit ditorted it's ok, but still not to muddy on chords etc...
I tryed a Blues Deluxe Fender and I liked it, it have a lot af bottom end and a great sound, but the Tiny Terror Orange I tryed was very creamy with the use of a distortion pedal or with It's own gain, the only problem was that it have'nt got much Basses, and I don't know if its cleans are usable when I'll play with mh drummer...

I play blues, psychedelic, indie, rock, and I already have the right pedals that i need

Thanks for the attention!
Oh, and, another thing, will the Tiny Terror have enough basses if i use an eq?
I personly dont think you need that much bass as a guitarist, that's why you got a bassist and if play funk/pop/rock I dont think you need much bass from guitar unless the sound is to "trebly" or you are playing powerchords. If you like the Fender see if you think the overdrive from it is enough otherwise there is probably several pedals that can make it up
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orange tiny terror

the majority of your bass will come from the speaker/cabinet selection. i recommend an Orange PPC112.
maybe try out the new Bugera Amps. I know there are some people around here that have them. Might be up your alley
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Saving for Bugera 333 $300 / $599 :|

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