i got this gibson LP Studio, and a Epiphone Sg.. and i would like to know if theres anyone who can tell me HOW to change the neckpickup from the epiphone to the gibson.? please help me..
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start by unstringing your instrument.
unscrew the rear control cavities, and unsolder (or cut for right now) the wire(s) for the correct pickup. refer to a wiring diagram (you can easily find online)
unscrew the pickup rings, and then the pickups from the rings. watch out for the springs. I'd say, "they're a little jumpy".

anyways, then lightly tug on the pickup's wire(s) (it might be braided or sheathed or neither) near the pickup but without tugging on the wire coming FROM the pickup, pull the wire from inside the guitar out.

now repeat the process. (except now you're pushing the wire from the new pickup through the right little channel and soldering it back together) . make sure if you cut anything at all that you still have room to do it again. what if you want to go back? don't sell yourelf short.

that's it in it's most basics. if you don't know anything about DC electronics/soldering, you might want to have someone else either do it altogether or finish up the rest.

if you search, you'll find everything from soldering tutorials, to changing pickup tutorials (with pics) in which case you probably would've never posted anything in here. I think this is why people are poking fun at your post, btw.
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I've got to ask the obvious question. Why are you putting the pup from an Epi into a Gibson?
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I've got to ask the obvious question. Why are you putting the pup from an Epi into a Gibson?

the neck pickup have a much cleaner sound on the epiphone..