I have to say that there are some great riffs in this song. But I feel they just don't mix together too well. There were too many key changes. What I would suggest is take some of the good riffs from this song and make a songs out of them, songs that would fit better with the riffs.

The intro was a tad too long. Bars 14-18 is a great riff and would sound good if you implement it into a more fitting song. The following riff was ok but the drumming at Bars 24-28, sounded sloppy, mostly because of the sudden double kick-drum moments. Bars 29-42 is another good riff, but maybe make the drumming more varied, the use of fast snares started to get repetitive. The final big riff at Bar 43 onwards, was also pretty good as well and drums almost fitted nicely, but make sure the root beat matches the time signiture because I sometimes couldn't feel the groove in the beat.

Overall 7/10, because the riffs were good, but honestly they all didn't seem to fit together as a song. I think implementing each of these into other songs would be good, as they all have potential for major riffage!

Please review my new song
My Metalcore Song
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Hi, just some quick observations:

Simply double the bpm speed, so you can organize the note-lengths better. There's no reason for 32th notes and 64th notes, as it clutters the tab view. (You can change the tempo of the song at any point you want with by inserting an event-point (press F10)).

Also, at some points your drums didn't lock in with the guitar rhythms and were really off-base. I think this problem is linked with the note-lenghts, as it's easy to lose sight if you have to deal with 64th notes.

Some parts were really too fast for their own good and a lot of ideas couldn't really unfold their potential. It really seems to me that this song was composed straight in guitar pro. Maybe try to come up with your riffs on the real guitar at first, and put only in GP what you can really play. This forces you to write more song-oriented, and the song doesn't lose track in noodly riffage.

There are indeed some riffs with great potential here. You could for example expand the intro and apply a nice melody on top (this would also help make the dissonant progression more cohesive).
The later parts could be developed into some nice stop-start break riffing. Check "Misanthrope" by Death, it has some of the ideas I sensed in your tab, more polished.