I'm finishing up a rebuild with an H/S/S (HB in bridge) setup, and i'm having trouble with what kind switching combination along with pot and cap values that would suit the setup best. The guitar originally had a master tone and volume with a 5 way switch and a toggle switch to achive the neck+bridge and all pickups config.

I was thinking of replacing the toggle with a second tone knob for the bridge since I have a 500k push/pull pot for a coil-tap. That way, I could tame the bridge pup if needs be. If so, should the other tone be for the neck+middle, middle only, or just the neck??? Since the toggle is getting replaced I thought I could wire the middle position on the 5-way to achieve the bridge+neck combination....idk, I guess I could wire the toggle back in....but only if it's worth keeping the middle position on the selector. I haven't played single coils enough to know about the sounds.

Finally, since it's a H/S/S setup. What would be the best pot and cap values for it. I want the guitar to be able to cut through the mix, but mixing the HB's and single coils sounds like one will be muddy while the others are hot. IDK, does anyone have some thoughts on this, or what they like or dislike about their HSS setup??
dont get rid of the toggle that will over complicate things i recommend 500k pots scince you now have a humbucker and also what you could do is replace the single coils wth rail pickups there kinda like humbuckers that fit in a single coil posistion
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Well if I replace the toggle for another tone knob, then putting the toggle back in would then seem to clutter and over complicate things......why I was thinking of using the middle position on the selector to achieve the bridge+neck config to eliminate the toggle.

I could do rails, but I already have passive EMG's and electronics ready to go in. And don't hate on the EMG's lol, i'm not looking for a metal tone or imitation....they were just cheap pickups for my project