Well since Super Smash Bros Brawl is delayed again, I bought an Xbox 360, give me some games, bitches. Halo is sold out, so I'm probably gonna get Mass Effect, or Gears of War.

I'll check back in 45, or so.

Any suggestions?
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Oblvion,The orange box,Condemned,Assassins creed,CoD4,GRAW 2 and Dead rising are some of my favorites. You should check out some of those..
Buy Gears of war and Call of Duty 4, thats all you'll need.

The others you can rent.
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Dynasty Warriors 6 is incredible and will last you long hours
Alice in Chains, Days of the New, Tool, and The Meat Puppets... these are a few of my favorite things
COD4 is my top choice in 360 games. awesome multiplayer too
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what ever you do, dont buy Halo.
get cod4 and oblivion and you will be sorted untill vegas 2 and gta comes out.
and get xbox live, its very worth it.
Devil May Cry 4.
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One of the most stunning games ever, absolutely brilliant.

Im still not done with Bioshock.
I just dont wanna play in anymore. Im sick of doing the same things all the time.
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Buy Gears of war and Call of Duty 4, thats all you'll need.

The others you can rent.

These and get Halo when you can. You can try the Orange Box, but that runs out of playing after a bit (Team Fortress gets kinda boring). Also get Bioshock.
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You can try the Orange Box, but that runs out of playing after a bit (Team Fortress gets kinda boring)

TF2 sucks major balls on the 360. Much better on PC (no lag, updates and players above 13).
But the rest of the Orange Box is perfect.

I honestly can't see why people think Halo is better.
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Gears of war, I stopped playing it for the longest time but got hooked again. CoD4 is pretty good as well.
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Get Shadowrun if you have Live. Crackdown makes an excellent rent but it's really short and easy. I wouldn't recommend CoD4, but everyone else seems to love it.
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For sure. It's soooo awesome
You should probably rent some games or play demos before buying a game, I regret half of the games that I bought because I never even tried them out before buying them and they aren't my kinds of games, and whatever you do don't buy madden.
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speaking of 360 games is burnout paradise worth buying
and who else is stoked for gta4?

the demo is really good, not played the full game.
cant wait for gta!!