I recently got lucky and had someone give me an Ovation Celebrity for free. I know there are a lot of Ovation haters out there that will tell me to sell it and go buy a real guitar but I like it and am going to hold on to it. It looks just like this one if anyone is interested:


So my question is what brand of strings sound the best on an Ovation when played unplugged? I read an article that said that Ovations need certain brand/ type of strings to sound decent but I can't seem to find the article. I want to get the best sound a plastic backed guitar is capable of making . Any recommendations would very helpful. Thanks in advance.

(I know there is a sticky about string choices but I didn't see anything specific to Ovations.)
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it doesnt really matter what strings you put onto what guitar. strings are all personal preference. specific strings for a specific guitar? no... that's just not true.

anyway, regardless of what strings you use, an ovation will still sound like a plastic backed guitar.