heres the deal, i am taking an independent study lab next quarter at school and i am focusing on building effects pedals. i have all the equipment i need.. resistors, capacitors, wires, etc.. but all i have to work with is a simple breadboard until i get something i like then i will have a real board made. anyone got some good links or a tutorial link as to some easy pedals i can start off with? i would like to do some kind of fuzz, maybe a flange, and a wah pedal. Thanks in advance.
search in the forum. I found a good thread about this this afternoon.
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There are a few rolling around here. If you consider guitar as a main hobby and plan to go to gigs and other places to play, it might be worth your while to build a closable top. Just search for it and you'll find a few good ones with pics to go with.
i am not worried about building the case for it right now.. i am only working on the circuit portion of it.. once i get the circuit to how i want it i will get a custom board made and wire it all up and throw it in a nice case i can build. im mainly looking for schematics right now.