Im in the market for a gigable (preferably tube) head. Im not looking for monster "3000wattz iz good" loud, just loud enough.

I currently have a Marshall Mosfet 100 - which is loud enough, just not quite what i want. Plus it is a bit dodgy.

Currently im looking at the Blackheart "HANDSOME DEVIL". 15 watts of pure tubeness, bit pricey at £200, but will it be enough to get over drums? Im aware that i can mic it up at gigs, and im fine with that. The only way i can explain it is this, Its like when you get a watch - Your never going to take it 100 meters underwater. But its nice to know it will be okay when you drop it in the sink. If you get what i mean?

Other than that its the Peavey Windsor. Again, i hear that it doesn't really have a clean channel and that it breaks up super easy - which is something i wouldn't want tbh. I really want a clean sound. I have many, many pedals that will get me the distortion i need.

Any other suggestions would be grrrrrrrrrrreat.

(Oh, and i have a cab already - which is why i want a head. I would probably go for a cab if i didn't)

Budget is about £200 - £250. (I Know thats not much, but its all i have)

As far as types of music is concerned, its a mixed bag. I play a lot of Maximo Park sort of style. Arctic Monkeys sort of clean/chorusy type sound. Mystery Jets, Kings Of Leon,
Kooks, Editors...You get the picture. I do some heavier stuff to, Deftones is about as hard as i go though.

Cheers for your help
i agree the tiny terror would be good, not so sure about the cleans but i know alex turner used them at some point... it'll be able to do your heavier stuff well too, id get one but its tough here overseas :-(
My Gear:
Epi standard les paul
Taylor 110 acoustic
Fender blues junior amp
Fulltone OCD

Laney VC30 or LC30. A small bit more and you can get a GH50L!

Or you can save up £200 more (if it can wait) and order one of the new Carvin re-issues (like Vai and Zappa played).
So 15 watts should be enough for gigging/practice then? Whilst being clean i mean.

Are there any other amps i should look into? Im liking the sound of Laney. As for the tiny terror, i like them, but they seem a bit overpriced for what you get. Id get more with the blackheart. Only trouble is, i wont be able to try out any of those as no-one stocks them over here
haha, cheers man, but id never buy a SS head. I toyed with the idea of getting a pod and a HUGE SS/Tube poweramp, just so my cleans were CLEAN. But i gave up with that idea a long time ago.

It looks like i could probably stretch to £300. Maybe a lil more if i can sell some stuff. And my B'day is around the corner too, which is cool.

But yeah, i plan on trying out a load of amps in the summer holidays - seeing as im swamped in college work atm.