This is nothing i want to prove here that the other one is better than the other one. Anyway my friend who is like a pice of **** and don't look like a Manson fan says Manson is bigger than green day... and i don't want to say anything untill i got like the ultimate thing to say. I say... well like him if you want i don't care... i could say like... Green Day is one of the top 5 band in punkrock history... and mabye they are... but you can't say that... then i could say they have played one of the biggest punkrock concerts Bullet in A bible at Milton and so on. But what do you think, i don't want to hate any band i just want to know. He says that Manson is like a "stand out" so he gets original and is bigger. Actually i don't give a **** about comparing, i just want som response here.. anyaway cheers!
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i dispise manson because of some on the antics that he uses on stage like putting a sucker up his guitarists *** so green day is better in my opinion
tell him not to take music so serious. Or try not taking it so serious yourself dude you sound like Kurt Cobain whining about how he hates this band and that band just tell him you like green day more and leave it at that. it's just music dude love it or hate it but dont talk **** about it
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What the **** are you talking about.
Do you speak English?
I'm from sweden soo... nope... Or do you mean my arguing ?
go google their sales figures or something.
albums/merch/concert tix etc

that said, you should know that this is a stupid argument.
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Cannibal Corpse transcend genres and stereotypes with their emotional and heartfelt take on music.
jeez you're right...

2green day
3 ummm the rest
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more popular: green day
better: manson
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more popular: green day
better: manson

I know... green day turned more popular with the american idiot record.. Hope their new makes all the emokids sad...