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Active Pickups
29 53%
Passive Pickups
35 64%
Voters: 55.
Both. Active/passive switch for the win.
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Passive, with Active EQ. More tone control, and still retains the passive 'alive' sound.
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BareKnuckles for championship ring! lol

Bareknickles = Active
Bareknuckles = Awesome
Therefore: Active = Awesome

/flawed logic
Passive, because they carry the sound of the wood better. Also, I don't need any batteries to put in, and I can leave my guitar plugged in. Plus, I play unplugged half the time and don't really need actives.
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Arent bareknuckle's passive?
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Arent bareknuckle's passive?

Yup that they are lol

The guy below my post just got active happy i guess....

But i do aggree with him on one part Bareknuckles=Awesome...
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Arent bareknuckle's passive?

Really? I thought the high output ones (Warpig etc.) were active.

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Yup that they are lol

The guy below my post just got active happy i guess....

I guess I'm just a little tired
I've never played actives since they're never in the type of guitars that I'm interested in. So, I go with passives.
Depends on what type of tone I'm after. For modern tones, I like Blackouts. For more vintage tones, something PAF like does the trick.
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Passive, I never really liked the sound of Active pups, except in Basses.
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Emgs, with 18v mod, give it a Super strong passive feel
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EMG = Awesomness

Active`s all the way

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Passives for me, I don't play anything heavy enough for actives.
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Emgs, with 18v mod, give it a Super strong passive feel

Im going to be giving that a try sometime this week......

Ohh and My second vote, since most can't afford Bareknuckles or in most case's cant see spending over $200 bones a peice for a pickup. Emg's are number two on my list..... I love um, but one day yes one day i will own a set of BareKnuckles