Hey guys, I'm really quite concerned at the mo because the AF peak won't stop lighting up on my wireless reciever no matter how much I change the gain, it still lights up a little. Only if I turn both the transmitter and reciever's gain down to the point where my sound is crap does it stop. I'm fairly sure it hasn't always done this, and I think I may have damaged it today.

We had a battle of the bands audition, and unfortunetly during our performance the mic and guitar started interfering with each other (maybe on the same channel) but it was too late then. But I left the wireless unit plugged in after as I only took my amp off stage, I then noticed as it picked up the next 2 songs mic the AF peak was lighting up, I never really knew what this mean't but the manual said it shoulden't. So after the 2 songs I got up and unplugged it.

But I fear it may have been somehow damaged and now the AF peak keeps lighting up, please help UG!
Well if it was working and now it isn't, im gonna guess yeah you have.
However, check for interference from ANY electronic devices near it. You'd be really suprised what can be picked up.
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Well it is working fine yeah, It's just the AF peak keeps lighting up, what does that mean? Is it damaging the wireless unit?