I hurt my left hand at work about 2 and a half weeks ago. At first I thought it was nothing, but I noticed swelling in my palm right between my index and middle fingers. It felt really unwell is the only way I can describe. Pain would come and go. It was a weird numbing, pinching type of pain.

I saw an orthopedic Dr. and she said to keep resting it like I had been and it should be better. Well about 3 days after that visit it started to hurt like hell and swelled up to about twice the size it was, about 3 times bigger than my other, uninjured hand.

Saw the Dr. again and she put me in a splint/ace bandage for about a week and a half. Went again yesterday and she said I still can't play guitar for another 3 weeks, can't lift weights or play sports either.

The pain is pretty much gone, but the swelling remains. The only way I can describe the feeling is my left hand feels "unwell". Like I'm very aware of my left hand, that area in particular. Make any sense?

I haven't played in like 3 months b/c of another injury. I write left handed as well and I'm really starting to get mad. Have any of you guys had a problem like this? I'm thinking it could be a nerve thing? I just don't want to have to have surgery b/c I'm missing shows aka money.

I go back to see the Dr. in like 2 weeks, but though the pain is pretty much gone the feeling of my hand has been the same since I injured it.

I just wanna ****ing play again!
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i broke my wrist once
not as bad as what you have
but i couldnt play guitar normally for a month
i had to lay the guitar flat on my lap and tap
that was over four years ago and even today i still get pains where i broke it if i strain my wrist too hard
i say you find ANY way to still play guitar
even if you need to use your toes
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