You know how when someone posts a video around here and someone comments it with "UG ftw" and someone else replies and etc. It usually turns out with around five or six people who all reply to the comment and all...

I thought it'd be fun to literally invade YouTube with loads of comments that just say "UG ftw".

Start here and comment that video, and then click another and comment it. And if you feel especially awesome, comment another.

Leave a post here as to what videos you commented and all...

P.S. I hope this doesn't get closed... I just thought it'd be fun on a boring afternoon..?
change that to "make a serious comment on the video, and put UG at the end" and maybe you won't be banned. Or just delete this thread.

either way...this fails
Nope, no sig here.
I'm pretty sure this is against the rules.

I would suggest closing this.
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Can't be arsed.
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@ yet another win post from Vince. Kudos to you, sir.
Don't be a twat.

UG already manages to do this anyway, in a cool way. I was searching videos the other day and I honestly saw a few UG!! etc comments!
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