Need some info. I know which is probably better, but not sure about a few things. 1st off, the Palmino is the 30 watter ($399.), the Fender is a 40 watter and is $619. (or will be tomorrow). The price diff is not that big an issue. I was wondering about the tubes. The Crate has 4 El-84s and 3 12AX7As (?), where the Fender has 2 6L6s and 3 12AX7s.
Which is the better value? The other thing is there is 2 input jacks on the Fender. Does this mean a second guitar can plug in and play at the same time? Thanks!
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Hot Rod Deluxe is a Way better amp. It gets very loud and has incredible tone. My bandmate has one and it's a tone beast. Throw a good distortion in front and you can go metal, to classic, and back again. It's reliable as well.
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what kind of sound do you want? for good cleans, get the fender, but fender's aren't known for their distortion. The Palomino is more "british" voiced, therefore having a little less clean headroom.
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What do you play? For an all around amp definatly get the Palomino. If you want strictly great cleans, the Hot ROd is what you want. If you want the cleans(almost) of the Fender and the distortion(almost) of a nice Marshall, get the Traynor YCV40 if you can find one.
The Fender is built a bit better and of much better parts. Be aware though the guitar and pickups you use has a huge impact on it sounding like crap and sounding golden.
get the fender its a way more bettor amp than the Crate
its alot more flexible
sure the distortion is crap but a good old metal muff or some distortion pedal of te like will fix that problem
but if you want an amp that has great distoriton and descent cleans get a B-52
man are they monsters

but really dont get the crate its just an awful tube amp
or not that theres just bettor amps for the same price
Out of those I would take the HRD. HOWEVER I urge you to at least try out the Peavey Classic 30
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I actually played both of these today at GC so heres what I think.

The Fender was a very nice amp with great cleans, decent gain, and incredible reverb. The crate has great cleans, great gain, but the reverb was very disappointing. I really liked both amps, but for the money I would go with the Crate.

One thing though...I've noticed that the palomino series amps are very sensitive to your playing. They accentuate every nuance of your playing including mistakes. Some people love this because it creates a lot of dynamic options, but I know people that absolutely hate the palomino for this reason.
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Right now I am playing the Epiphone Les Paul 56' Goldtop, but within the year I will be switching to the Fender Strat. My main question really was, do the amounts of tubes mean anything? Reverb is important to me as well, and I know the Fender has the spring reverb. I dont care about the value, just which is the better amp. I have a Zak Wylde OD pedal, how would that sound on either? I also have the boss ds-1 distortion.
Epiphone 57 Gold Top Les Paul
Schecter C-1 (2003)
Marshall MG DFX 15
Boss DS-1
Zakk Wylde overdrive
Boss NS-2 noise suppressor
The number of tubes don't matter until it's time to swap them out. The Fender offers better cleans and more clean headroom. The 6L6's are more of the classic American (Fender!) sound, while the EL84's represent more of a British (Vox) sound. Really depends on what you're looking for.

Quality-wise, I'd say the Fender's the better amp. But it may not be better for you.

In it's price range, I'd also suggest you look at the Traynor and Peavey.
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