I have a H&K Switchblade and this is about the 5th problem ive had with it, as soon as i get some money its gone, however, I have a show coming up and need it to work. The problem just started at the very end of my band practice last night, whenever i would play a chunking chord or basically anything heavily palm muted, it would sort of reset itself. The sound would stop and it would go through the light sequences like it had just been turned on. It didnt do it while playing anything not palm muted so that leads me to believe its something loose. Also my bassist held the head off of the cab and it was just fine when i palm muted. Again the reverberation must be affecting it. I checked the tubes and one was rattling a lot so i replaced it. Could that be the problem(i wont get a chance to try it til tomorrow) or do you think it is a connection inside the amp. Thanks
well looks like you've nicely analyzed the problem, if it was the tube, it's fixed. If not, you should just take the head to a music shop and get them to look at it.