how do you shred?
hammer on's and pulloff's?
speed picking?
sweep picking?
been playing for a year and still cant do it
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Hammer ons and pulloffs are basic techniques, you hammer your string onto the fret higher and take your finger off the string with a slight pull to make the note ring, usually whilst fretting further down the neck [Respectively].

As for the others, Musicians Talk, Advanced Techniques.

Quick edit: When you say "speed picking" you probably mean alternate picking, where you pick both ways (up and down) instead of just down. This can take quite a bit of practice but it's on the of the most important things you'll learn. Check out the solo for Rage Against The Machine's "Settle For Nothing" and work out the solo. Play it slowly whilst picking in both directions in whichever way you find most convenient and eventually build up speed. It's a good song to start on.
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same way you get to carnegie hall... Practice!
Be diligent, be tenacious, and go for it!

Also check the tcniques threads and you'll be fine!
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Quote by tarheelboi42
how do you shred?
hammer on's and pulloff's?
speed picking?
sweep picking?
been playing for a year and still cant do it

There's your problem right there - if you still can't do any (not all) of those things in 5 years then you can maybe start worrying.

Most players are still on training wheels after a year, practice often, practice dilligently and be hard on yourself. Always remember these little mantras...

"Learn to walk before you try to run - set achievable, short term goals"
"Speed is a byproduct of accuracy"
"If you need to choose between them, playing nicely is always preferable to playing quickly"
"If you can't play something cleanly and accurately then you CAN'T play it full stop"
"Am I having fun? If not then do something else for a bit so the guitar doesn't become a chore"
"People learn the guitar so they can play songs, not scales - if you're not playing songs then what's the point? There are no Guitar Olympics. Yet."
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i shred...but i never use hammer on and pull offs...ever...i pick everything...when i shred...
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