hey guys, i know there have been many threads on shipping a guitar from america to australia but none of them have really helped me. After following links provided in those threads most dont ship the guitar i want or they dont have it. What i am after is a PRS tremonti se guitar, they retail for $900 at the cheapest here, and they are only about $500 in america. With our exchange rates at the moment it will end up alot cheaper from america. Does anyone know a store that has this guitar that will ship internationally? ive tried out 'Sam ash' but after emailing them twice they are not responding. Any help is appreciated. thanks

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Quote by FMNStratGuy

Nope, they wont ship PRS guitars to Australia.
Your best bet is Ebay or something dude, I haven't found a single online American store that ships a lot of brands out to Australia.
thanks for the quick reply. ONe of the stores i had tried was musicians friend and as stated they wont ship prs to australia. ive tried ebay, everywhere really. Its alos hard contacting stores because of all the calling codes etc.... looks like ill have to keep looking...
ebay, only way would be ebay or gettin someone u know to buy u the guitar in the u.s then having them ship it here.