So normally I just write my guitar tracks in the form Verse Chorus Verse Chorus, figure out an intro and an outro, and try and fill in the rest. I'm currently working on a song I think has some pretty decent potential (hard rock/metal). I sent it to my drummer and he really, really liked it, long story short he said it needs a good strong pre-chorus amongst other fine tweaks.

I've looked this up on Google, it was my first choice, searched UG and found basically nothing. So, guitar-wise, what makes up a good pre-chorus? I'm stumped.

Thanks in advance.
Try writing your chorus in a different key from your verse, like a full step higher, and then 'bridge' that with an ambiguous pre-chorus. Also, if your chorus is slower than your verse, make the pre faster, and vice versa.
First off I appreciate the pretty quick responses. Secondly does the pre chorus always contrast the chorus like Danno said? Or is it just common sense to.
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