I'm trying to learn John Petrucci's Animate / Inanimate on bass guitar (I've already got the thing down on electric), and I can get song for the most part, except for one thing..

After I pick the open A and go down to the fretted A, how do I stop the open A from ringing? Do I assign individual fingers to each string? I'm entirely self-taught, so I always got my styles from watching other people play (I completely ripped Paul Gilbert's picking style, for instance)

So, how do I keep the open A from ringing out while I play the fretted A (7th on D string)? I considered muting it with my fretting hand, but hypothetically speaking, if I was on the 7th fret and wanted to hammeron to B, how would I stop the E string from ringing then?
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i have problems like this with the banjo, i would try to mute with your right if you cant with your left. in this case i would just put a finger down on the A string while hitting the D with the other
well im not sure on bass but i would go about by either
1) playing the 7's with your second finger and then using your first to mute the open string
2)when you play the 7's use the flat of your finger (like u would if u were barring) and just shift your finger up a bit to touch the open string
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See if palm muting works.

Palm muting is when you use the palm of your picking hand to mute the strings by the bridge.

I play fingerstyle on the bass, though..

I'll try the second option, NOname, thanks. Any other recommendations, guys?
"Chuck-E-Cheese called. They want their band back."