Everyone, try and plaigarise a movie title and fit the name of your town/city into it.

Since I'm lazy and can't think of one for Glasgow, I'll piss off Meh! and do his:

Journey to the Centre of Perth.

Go nuts.
The UG Awards exist only to instill me with existential doubt.

For me, the 60's ended that day in 1978...

Willies. Fuck the lick and fuck you too.
Point Pleasant...
It was a REALLY CRAPPY teen drama that lasted about 3 episodes.
The Hitchhikers Guide To North Pole
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ak guitarist doesn't dress in the morning. he kills throughout the day and attires himself appropriately

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Doesn't quite have the same ring to it .
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^And known for that bloody awesome croissant with a crown.
Man that's badass.