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And that means what?

"Someone being murdered"
Quote taken from local policeman raiding a gig we played at a house party

Perfect quote, but I'm pretty sure it went down much nicer with you guys wishing the PC luck on his way out...

Nice sound, though.

You guys own that marshal stack? Damn. Seems like you guys are all set.

Good photos.

Musically good on some songs and generally tight as a band.

One the best metal bands I've seen so far.

The themes and lyrics are by no means original, so I'm interested in how seeing how you guys progress throughout the years.

When your song writing skills are viewed in context, you being 15/16, you're quite good .

I have a weird feeling that you guys will get a little bit cocky like the other metal bands that I've have known personally

Good effort in the videos, too. How did you get those done?
Cheers man, really appreciate it

Tbh, you've actually probably been the most honest of anyone whos listened to our stuff!


The stack wasn't actually ours..
We're on laney and behringer haha

But yeah, i see what you mean about lyrics. I write them btw. But, i don't know if you write lyrics at all.
But it is ridiculously hard to come up with anything original these days.
What with there being so amny bands around
Everythings been covered
but no matter haha

And the videos, were taken and edited by our drummers dad haha

And the one thing I personally really want to avoid is becoming cocky about the band.
Coz, I know SO many local bands, who have begun to get big, and immediately look at everyone like theyre dirt haha.
But I always make an effort of congratulating bands we play with.
I really think it shows true musicianship to be able to appreciate other people's music and not just your own.

And I have so much respect for people who could quite easily be the cockiest people ever but arent
e.g. John Petrucci


But again, cheers man =]

jesus man you guys suck :P
ahah love ya really enid
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I really liked it, your vocalist is awesome.

And I'm not sure if the name is copyrighted or whatever but I'm pretty sure there was a 90's hardcore band named Arcane.
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Baxter, you're gay =] haha

ahh but cheers man
I'm the vocalist
So I like you =] haha

Umm, I've just looked it up and couldn't find anything

theres some progressive metal band from austalia called arcane

and a couple of other small ones

and a rap group

but no-one who would have copyrighted it

so far as im aware (Y)