I've grown tired of my Ibanez rg370dx either by trade, sell or parting it out and want something new. Also have my Ibanez project guitar so i have esentially two fo the same guitar. So i;ve been looking at ESP's and came accross this one. Looking at the specs its a neck-thru design and alder (which is a nice wood for my emg's) which i like. The trem is licensed so i already know that will will have to go bye bye and the pickups arent an issue because i have two emg 81's chilling waiting to be thrown into something. My main question is is there any unknown issues that plague this model besides the normal bad trem, bad pickups stuff.

Also yes i know its a sig (I hate sig's myself) but its the one sig that doesnt over due it, just two spiders on the 12th fret. So its like a normal everyday guitar... But has the specs i like and can be had for a decent price....

Any suggestions welcome?
I wouldn't spend money to buy someone else's signature guitar. But that's just me!
You'll just have to try it and see what you think.
Like i said i hate sigs too, but its hard to find a guitar in the specs i want for the price.... This is a gutiar that kind of feel into my lap....

Also here is what it looks like..

Its not over done like his KH-2 or KH-3(one with the huge spider)

the KH503 is a good guitar and i would buy if i needed another guitar.
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