This is my newest song.

Nothing much to say about it. It sounds kind of like the new Avenged Sevenfold. I based almost all of it off of the pre-chorus riff, which i came up with just messing around on the guitar as usual. This should be a treat for the bassists out there. I really tried to put a lot of emphasis on the bass. It's still not as audible as I would like it to be but it's there. The solo is pretty short and basic, but..whatever. Be sure to look at all the parts, because there's some complex things that you can't hear that well because to MIDI issues.

Thats my songs for the week. Thanks for listening.

By the way, if anyone's interested, I will have Metal II and a concert band thing I made up next week. Metal III is about halfway done so it's still in the works. Just letting my (non-existent) fans know.

EDIT: Ok, I made the solo longer now, I think it's better but it still needs work. Especially at 84-87.
Metal IV.zip
Metal IV - New Solo.zip
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This song was really good. It all fits together perfectly,i think some of harmonisations are off in the verse though.

One riff that does stick in my head is the pre-chorus riff. That was brilliant.

It sounds like old school A7X-(waking the fallen era), send it to em, they might record it for ya

Really well done song. good work.


I'll be checking some other of your work.

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props to ya
this is more a7x than their newest pos [thats just my opinion]

great writing all through

couldnt really get into the bass track
which was greatly writen

but it sounded better to me as a guitar track

all the way through great planning and effecient writing
good harmony too

id say
great job

only because i was hoping for a better solo wiht how intracut[sp?] the bass was

This song was so good.

I thought the intro was good, maybe kinda generic but not that much. Preverse was good, verse was awesome, I loved the bass and how it fit with the guitar. Chorus was good, I imagine it'd sound better witj vocals. Solo was amazing.

It did sound like a7x, but with a lot better riffs and without the annoying poppy bits IMO. Great work here, keep it up.
Great song

Never really listened to A7x (Maybe I wrote them off to quick) so can't comment on any similarity to them.

I like how although it's in drop-D you didn't get trapped in just playing power chords but also used other intervals aswell as some major chords in the chorus.

Well from the start:
Intro: Nothing bad to say about this, I like how the drums feel like they're building up to the pre-verse.

Pre-verse: Good rhythm, and the guitar harmony gives a nice 'dissonance' feel. Most impressive is the bass work.

Verse: Won by the bass again. Nice riff, but didn't get much from the harmony starting bar 22 though.

Pre-chorus: Really liked guitar 2 in this, fits in with the chords well.

Chorus: Works well, liked the use of different chords.

Bridge: The acoustic in this sounded really great. Again I liked the dissonance feeling in bars 69 and 73. This part was really good.

Pre solo: Sounded OK, but maybe you could relate the rifff to one of the other riffs in the song a bit closer?

Solo: Loved the way from the start that it played against the rhythm guitar. Should seperate those harmonies starting from bar 86 onto two seperate tracks though. Other than that, this solo really makes the song.

Really good song all in all. Looks like it'd be really fun to play aswell.
Hey thanks for the crit

At first I was sceptical about this, as I'm not a metal fan, but I thought the intro was great, esp the drumwork, I can't write drums at all, and it's a great start to the song. The verses are what I'd expect from a metal song. That's not a criticism, I just mean, I can't fault it. The riffs throughout the song, the dual things, I like a lot. The Acoustic part, I definitely like, unexpected, but cool. The solos, same as the verses, I'm no expert on metal, but they are exactly what I would expect from a metal solo.

Overall, even though I don't like metal, this got a 8/9 out of 10, for being very well composed imo.