This is comprised of:

a) a clean section that will be fitted with lead guitar later
b) a main riff(s)
c) a breakdown

In the future a guitar solo will be added

This is inspired/influenced by Testament(over the wall), Megadeth (the conjuring) and Randy Rhoads' clean guitar work

Please and suggestions are greatly appreciated(and welcome). Please tell me what you think.

This is not a complete song but i just want to have sort of a "progress assessment" from you guys, you know make sure I'm going in the right direction.

Leave a link to your piece

Thrash Riff(s).zip
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I really like the intro.

The transition from the intro to the distorted riffs sounds kinda...bad. I dunno, it seems like a different chord would fit better.

Other than that, I like all of this. Very cool riffs.
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This is a sweet set of riffs man.

I like:
- The aggresiveness of them.
- They are quite technical (for thrash :P) and non-generic.
- The use of Killswitch (I believe thats what it is)
- Very br00tal man

I dislike:
- Like the other guy said, better transition could be better
- This is hard...
- Make it into a song


Expand on them and this will be a sweet song.