cHECK THESE GUYS OUT I want to see some opinions on them I think one of the best bands to come out in a while even tho theyve been working on their first album for like 3 yrs but its here now and is in yer face like cinderblocks flyin out of the speakers. check vit out here

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Quite the line up they have there. Althought it took one look at that list to know what it would sound like.

Anyway, not bad stuff. I guess I would pick up the album.
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Lol at "The Old One Needs a Cold One"
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Kirk Windstein undid every bit of credit he earned with Crowbar by just considering working with that Hatebreed mongrol. The music is even worse, like ****ing Sludgecore? Really? **** that...
I think they're alright-not great, but not terrible. Their 2nd album wasn't as good as the first. Kirk really is much better in Crowbar and Down though.
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Somebody knows how to searchbar.

On topic though, I thought that the music was very boring. Nothing exciting here, pretty bland music. After reading the reviews from Revolver and Kerrang at the top I knew what to expect.
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