Ok, I'm getting a Randall RH200 head in the next couple of days......I have a straight cab with 4 celestion 30s (8ohms), and another cab that I'm fixin' to shove some celestion 30s into.

Question.......since each cab is 120watts, and the amp is rated at 200watts......is playing through just one cab gonna be too much power going through it? 200watts into 120watts........... And will running through 2 120watt cabs gonna be too much speaker wattage????

Should I make one cab 120watts, (4x30watt speakers) and the other a higher wattage? Say.......200watts? 400watts......???? Will that totally screw everything up? ACK!

I'm really not sure about mixing wattage of speakers......I know that they all need to be 8ohms, but as far as anything else goes......I'm in the dark.......
too much speaker wattage doesnt exist.
what are 'celestion 30s'?
If you mean vintage 30's, those are actually 60 watts each.
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^ that is correct.

the thing to remember about celestion vintage 30's. they're not vintage voiced, and they're not 30watts
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Hey guys, thanks for posting......no they're not "vintage 30s", they're G12-30MG. Rated at 30watts.......

So I'm wondering am I stuck in the 30watt range, because the one cab has 30 watters in it? Or is it possible to make the other straight with 50watters? 200watts in one cab, 120watts in the other.........320watts total???? See, someone told me that if I mix the wattage within the cab, that it'll drowned out the lower watt speakers........but, if I do all 50watts in one, and 30s in the other.....?????
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It depends on the amp head. Some 200 watt amps will let your run two cabs in stero, 100 watts into each. Some won't. Read your owners manual.
if the cab is 120 watts and the head is 200.... make sure you keep your volume a bit under 1/2 then you should be fine

you can hook up your 200 watt cab with your 120 watt cab togher it shouldn`t make a differents at all... all watts are in a speaker is how much it`ll take before you fry it.
the.spine.surfs: Sorry.......didn't mean to "double post".

There is no owners manual with the head.......and there is little on the Randall site in the way of an owners manual. So that's kinda a dead end street.......
I don't think the amp is stereo........ it's the plain jane RH200. Not the RH200SC.

Slayerdeath: So at this juncture, would it be more wise to purchase higher wattage speakers for all the cabs? Like around 50-75 watt range? I can probably sell the Celestion G12-30 MG's that I have already mounted, and try to get some 50's or maybe 75's.........I have some NipponAmerica 12" 235watt 8ohm speakers sitting in a box, but man that's like 900watts worth! And that's only in 4 speakers! Would a 200 watt head be able to push the cones?!