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the mid school dance is in thirdy minutes
what should I do to stand out in a good way? was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
Climb onto a table and whip it out.
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I took a pic of myself, cut a hole in the face and stuck my knob through so i could see what I'd look like if I got bitten by a radioactive elephant.
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Climb onto a table and whip it out.

I did that at my grandpa's funeral...Good times.....Good times......
This'll only work if you have a big willy:

Go commando and "accidently" leave your fly open.

And your willy hanging out of it.
Do what I did and go with your mom...... I mean hot girlfriend.

two and a half men.
u should piss ur pants in front of the girl u like, if that doesnt get her attention i cant think of ne thing that would

*hopes for a thread in an hour titled "pissed my pants and am now a loser"*
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-Go naked
-Go naked with glow in the dark body paint

Sigged !
You don't happen to go to Waldwick Middle School do you?

we have a dance at 8 lol
Veteran UGer. Suck it.
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You don't happen to go to Waldwick Middle School do you?
His profile says Georgia, yours says Jersey, so probably not.

TS, what school do you go to? If you're in North Georgia, I might know of it.
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these suggestions are lamer than FDR's legs

too soon?

ooooooooo that was a bit soon.
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these suggestions are lamer than FDR's legs.

too soon?

I think so.

But anyway, as for what you should do...


Bring ice cream and refuse to share it with anyone.




Not go.
Start making out and feeling up a girl in front of the principal. God middle school was such a fun time.
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Slip a girl some E


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I'm trying to cover one of my bedroom walls in semen. I'm about half way done.

Pics coming soon
play guitar for the dance???
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marshall has half stacks for only 600, but i dont know if theyre any good. seems like a good deal....
Get a bunch of friends and start moshing during the slow songs.
Awakening The Revenant
Deathcore side project: Malevolent

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start with more poppy music with occasional screams and then work your way into emoish crap like a day to remember and so on.
Do cartwheels and sumersaults on the dance floor. Everybody will love it. And +1 to whoever said to bring booze and get ****faced.
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Hey everyone, SMOKE WEED!

It's raining blood from a lacerated sky.

Spike the punch and put seamonkys in the lemonade. Then, grind the wall and start a pit.
I started a pit once (only 3 people) and got in trouble
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