Alright, I have been watching the David Bowie Glass Spider Tour DVD lately. I noticed the guitarist at the time ('87 it was Carlos Alomar as Bowie's guitarist). He seems to be using a Marshall JCM-800 or 87XL ran through a Roland Jazz Chorus 2x12".

He uses the JC for cleans, and the marshall for distortion. He does this thing where he does like that tremolo-strumming and/or 32nd notes, like it sounds like glass being shattered in-time to his strumming. He does this in several songs.

If you have the dvd/cd, then you know what I'm talking about ^.

How does he set his gear for this?

It's obvioulsy really trebley, and transparent. Is this just the way JC's sound or is it the Marshall's clean channel or how is he doing this?

and yes, I KNOW, it's his tech running his pedals, but what KINd of pedals is he using?