i have a small behringer eurotrack mixer, a usb adapter, a good mic. and of course my guitar and amp setup (crate and schecter). the sound qaulity is at best, okay. i am using free software called kristal, is it just he software or is it the hardware? the sound is muddy at times and i cannot distinguish particular notes in chords (which is very important to what i am recording).
Put the microphone directly in the middle of the speaker facing it straight on. Make sure its up against the grill too. If the sound is too harsh, move it an inch away from the middle of the speaker...keep doing it till you get the best sound.
agree take the gain down some if you using a SS amp I've noticed it always VERY muddy and Be sure to eq try that. also MIXcrfaft good program
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i believe the best way to cut down a muddy sound is to back off the gain and increase mids!
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Whats a "good mic", some details would be nice. Lower your bass on your amp, keep the mids at 5 and put the highs at around 7. Adjust the gain to where you think it works best. Just try and establish a non-muddy sound through the amp/mic and then mix it up (and bass etc) with a mixing program later
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