The Jimmy Page Black Beauty was released a while a go, and it says on musicians friend, that it has a custom 6 pup combo wiring.
Does anyone know how this is done? I don't think its done with a rotary of any kind..
He used Phase Switching and Coil Splitting in his guitars. Some of the knobs will be push pull.
It's a custom switch Gibson designed. Obviously his real one wasn't like that. It also has a push/pull for splitting the bridge pickup which is another feature his didn't have. In fact NONE of his Les Pauls had push/pulls during Led Zeppelin.
the middle pickup is can be activated by pushing the toggle switch side ways, so you get neck, neck middle, neck middle bridge, bridge, and bridge middle, and neck and bridge
I wish I could have one of those.... but they're like $6000
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Go to guitarelectronics.com they have the Jimmy Page custom wiring diagram.
If I remember correctly he uses mini toggle switches under the pick guard.
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