so brian williams of NBC, great anchor , or coolest anchor ever?


also i did like dan rather
did anyone else really enjoy him hosting SNL??

also i just found out (thanks to the daily show) that HE was the reason Fiest performed that night

just another good point in my book
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Did you just see him on the Daily Show? I found it quite amusing.

the very thing that reminded me to start this thread

hes great when not anchoring, a GREAT personality

but even as an anchor hes amazing
Chris Hansen is my favey for sure.
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Chris Hansen is my favey for sure.

is he even an anchor tho?

hes more of a host, ive never seen him do nightly news
He is suprisingly funny. Like when he was on SNL, and when I have seen him on Conan and the Tonight Show and he was really funny on both. I don't really ever see him when he is doing the news, but I suspect he is pretty good at that too.