Alright ive bought my first fender standard mexi strat but now the bridge is lifting up and it wont go down... is there a way to get it to go down? thank you
open up the backplate and either tighten the springs or add another....dont tighten too much though
I'm not sure what you mean by 'forcing it down' but you have to adjust the tension screws, in the back when you tack off the backplate, you should see some springs that go from the bridge to a little metal piece, the two screws adjust the tension for the bridge. Too loose and the strings counter tension will make the bridge raise up, tightening them balances out that tension and forces the bridge back down.
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another question.. does the bridge generally lay flat on the body?
I had the same problem. It's best to add an extra string and then tighten the screws. My bridge is like 3mm high. If it's flat on the body, you can't use the tremolo good i think.
Quote by BGrem261
another question.. does the bridge generally lay flat on the body?

AFAIK, they are usually not flat to the body from the factory.

Some people like it when it is not against the body, as then you can both lower and raise the pitch with it. The main problem with it in my opinion is that it is more difficult to change from one tuning to another.