I've been having some trouble with this new song I came up with...

the chord progression is B, C#m, D#m, E F#, B for verse

F#m A B D F#m for chorus

F#m B for bridge

I've been tryin F#m Ionian and B Ionian and they both don't sound right.

Is there another mode I should try?

And I know I should brush up on theory and I will. I've only been playing guitar for ten months and I'm hoping soon I will be able to answer my own questions.

Until then any suggestions?
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The verse chord progression sits very nicely in B Major.

Your chorus progression doesn't fit in any specific keys, so if you want to solo over them, you'll have to solo over the single chord, using arpeggios of the chord you are playing over.

The bridge progression, again, doesn't fit into any specific keys, so you'll have to solo over the chords using arpeggios.
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F#m Ionian doesn't exist. Ionian is a major mode.

The verse is straight B major.
The chorus uses the F# Dorian mode.
The bridge also uses the F# Dorian mode.